Four-hand oil Thai massage

This form of massage is very popular in Japan and Korea, and more and more people are asking for it in Hungary as well.

During the massage, two masseurs work simultaneously on the back, shoulders and neck of the guest, providing a very intense and effective relaxation.

Thanks to its calming and energizing effect, the four-hand massage is very popular on stressful working days.

It doubles all the benefits and advantages of a Thai massage with oil, as 2 people perform the massage therapy.

60 min


90 min


120 min


Reviews from guests

Lina Melendro



On Valentine’s Day I went for a full massage and I couldn’t be more satisfied! From the moment I arrived I was received in a friendly way, they even offered me a Thai tea. The place is very cosy and the masseuses are professional, I had a pain in my back and after the massage it improved a lot, you can tell they know what they are doing.

I hope to go again soon because the massage was really worth it! 🙂

Ádám Jenei



I had my first ever Thai massage and I chose a 60 minute oil Thai massage.

I liked the fact that you can choose the oil before the massage.
The salon is very cosy. A staircase of bamboo takes you upstairs where the treatments are in a room separated by a sliding door in the middle.

The masseurs are very kind and experienced and despite not speaking much Hungarian they are very communicative and attentive.

The knots in my back were removed one by one which was quite refreshing. I think the hand massage alone would be worth an hour. You would not believe how pleasant and refreshing it is. Plus, they have an infrared sauna, which I didn’t try this time but I’ll definitely get in for half an hour next time : )

After the massage they offered me tea, which was quite nice.

I recommend it to everyone. I really liked it.

Zoltán Jámbor



I have to come back here again! Thank you so much for the massage, every part of me is grateful! The salon is comfortable, clean and cosy!

Tina Zheng



The very best massage in Europa! The service is friendly and thoughtful. The price is not high and the environment is simply the best. It’s a worthy experience in Budapest. Everyone should take a fly taxi here to enjoy it!

Daniel S.



The massage offered here is the highest quality. Very clean and calming place to relax. Really professional staff, they are skilled and experienced. They take care of back pain or other conditions. I went to many places in the world, this is a 100% authentic Thai massage like in Bangkok. Ask for Praew or Natty they have the most experience and know exactly what they are doing. We have two more days and will come again on Monday 🙂

Alejandra Salem



We went with my boyfriend and we both took the traditional Thai Massage, Preaw and Natty were awesome!! We will definitively come back. 100% recommended!!

alaeddine sabbagh



Nice and welcoming people !

Feeling overwhelmed or you just need a little refreshment?

This massage is a technique based on Ayurvedic philosophy, whose main purpose is to aid and enhance the level of mental relaxation.

This type of treatment focuses specifically on techniques that are known to help ‘switch off’ the mind, both consciously and to some extent subconsciously.

As the hands and forearms of the two therapists are harmoniously intertwined and move around each other, it is very difficult to identify which hand belongs to which therapist and therefore which direction they will move next. After a short time, the conscious and subconscious abandon their natural tendency to predict flow, direction and number of touches.

This is the moment when your mind enters a deeper state of relaxation and the true synergistic benefits of therapeutic four-handed massage therapy really begin to take hold.

With a holistic approach, the
holistic approach, the following effects can be achieved during treatment:

Release the tension
Improving mobility
Promoting general well-being
Reducing stress hormones
Relieving back pain

Our masseuses

Our infinitely kind, attentive and professionally trained masseuses come to us from Thailand and have an ancient, authentic knowledge of Thai massage techniques.



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Budapest, 13. kerület Visegrádi u. 8, 1132

Our salon is located only 300m from Vígszínház and 300m from Nyugati, tram 4-6.

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